Architectural concrete blocks and urban furniture

Jansen Industrie is an innovative company that creates concrete products. Thanks to 40 years’ experience in the concrete industry, our team has the expertise to offer you these unique products.

Our company pushes the envelope in the use of concrete as a decorative landscaping element. To this end, our concrete blocks are truly architectural blocks having the appearance of natural stone.

Our concrete blocks have many uses:

  • Traffic islands
  • Retaining walls
  • Permanent planters
  • Acoustic walls along highways

We can also manufacture custom urban furniture upon customer request. We have a passion for innovation and for creating a difference in the concrete-product market.

We have the capacity to service municipalities, cities, businesses and homes.

Our concrete furniture and blocks: Eco-friendly products

Pushing the limits of innovation, Jansen Industrie makes sure it meets our customers’ concern for the environment. So we offer the option of manufacturing all of our products from not only concrete, but also in part from recycled glass. Contact us for more information.